Judge Pearson to Face Jobs Panel Today

By October 11, 2007Briefly Legal

More on the litigious administrative judge, Roy Pearson, who sued his drycleaners for $54 million for supposedly misplacing his suitpants. His job is on the line.

[Pearson] expected to appear before a judicial commission today to make his case to keep his job on the bench, according to a government source.

The meeting will allow Pearson a last chance to answer the panel’s concerns over his actions in and out of the courtroom, including his pursuit of millions of dollars over a lost pair of pants.

Last week, the commission met behind closed doors for several hours interviewing witnesses to determine whether Pearson was fit for the position that pays $100,000 annually. Pearson was not at the meeting.

At today’s meeting, which will be held in private because it concerns personnel issues, Pearson likely will be allowed to call on his own witnesses, according to the government source. During the pants trial, Pearson represented himself, requested to call 26 witnesses and offered more than 70 pieces of evidence.

Seventy pieces of evidence?

A ruling is possible by tonight. Somehow, we have our doubts.

Hat tip: DCist, who also notes the arrival of autumn weather. Thank goodness.

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