Judge Pearson, Forsooth

By October 12, 2007Briefly Legal

From The Examiner, keeping track of the pants-suit judge, who pleaded for his job before a judicial panel on Thursday.

For three hours behind closed doors, the “pants judge,” whose lawsuit against a Korean dry cleaners became a national symbol of runaway litigation, made an impassioned plea to the five-member judiciary commission to be allowed to stay on the bench.

Pearson argued that the panel could not terminate him for suing the dry cleaners because he had a constitutional right to seek compensation for the lost trousers, a source said.

He also claimed that he could not be fired over letters critical of his boss because he was protected as a whistle-blower intent on exposing corruption within the agency where he worked.

Plus, you can’t fire someone dressed this nice!

On a serious note, this civil servant abused the legal system and common decency by suing his drycleaners for $54 million because of a supposedly misplaced pair of suitpants. That it has taken this long to pry him loose of his taxpayer-funded job is frustrating and outrageous.

Panel issued no ruling, maybe next week.

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