In Wisconsin: Unconstitutional Oil Tax May Be Dead

By October 19, 2007Energy, Taxation

That’s the good news being reported by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel this afternoon:

Madison – Gov. Jim Doyle and legislative leaders hoped to announce a long-overdue budget deal this afternoon – an agreement that would let Republicans claim they killed new taxes on hospitals and oil companies the governor has been fighting for since February.

The deal would replace the second budget proposed by Doyle that the Republican-controlled Assembly rejected on Monday.

Doyle had led one of the most invidious, anti-business campaigns we’ve seen in recent years from a governor as he pushed a tax on oil-company revenues in a bill that would make it a CRIME to pass on the costs to consumers.

Unconstitutional (commerce clause), anti-business and anti-consumer — If the tax is finally dead, that’s great, but it will take a lot of work to undo the damage Doyle’s rhetoric and proposals have done to Wisconsin’s image as a state in which to do business.

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