Governor Rod Invidious

By October 4, 2007Economy

Good luck to our friends at the Illinois Manufacturing Association, who are tired of having Governor Rod Blagojevich and his administration beat up on business (e.g. Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn), while at the same time pursuing job-killing policies. Greg Baise, the IMA’s president, is now being heard on a 30-second radio commercial as the Legislature convenes for the fall veto session.

In recent years, Illinois has lost thousands of good-paying manufacturing jobs. Unfortunately, instead of trying to improve the economy of Illinois, Gov. Rod Blagojevich is making it worse. Enough is enough.

I’m Greg Baise, president of the Illinois Manufacturers Association. Governor Blagojevich has tried to raise taxes on employers by more than ten billion dollars. He promotes class warfare by calling employers derogatory names, and implying that somehow they’re breaking the law. And now, he’s trying to take the law into his own hands by spending taxpayer’s money on his own pet projects. As I said, enough is enough.

Ask your state legislators to continue to stand up against the self-serving and destructive schemes that Governor Blagojevich is promoting.

This message is brought to you by Illinois manufacturers, working men and women, who despite what Rod Blagojevich is doing, still make things in Illinois and want to keep it that way. Thanks for listening.

You can listen to the ad here.

The State Journal-Register interviewed Baise in this column.

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