Giuliani on Taxes and Trade

By October 5, 2007Taxation, Trade

Stopped by the very busy Americans for Prosperity “Defending the American Dream Summit” at the Mayflower Hotel for a bit this morning. AFP is a small-government, low-taxes, pro-freedom activist group with state chapters, and the summit is a hopping place today for presidential candidates (Republicans, although both parties were invited).

Rudy Giuliani knew his audience, and he made a well-received case that his record — not just policies and views, but actual “I’ve done it” record — matched AFP’s principles. He cut taxes in New York, reduced the size of government, and replaced welfare offices with job centers, Giuliani stressed.

He also made the point — oft-made around here — that other countries are lowering their tax rates to encourage economic growth. “Even France! Even France!” Giuliani also put in a plug for lower tariffs. And chided Republicans for overspending:

Giuliani argued for eliminating the alternative minimum tax and repealing the estate tax, saying the cuts would actually generate tax revenues and not cost money because they would stimulate the economy.

By the time he left office as mayor, Giuliani said, “we were collecting 41 percent more revenue from the low taxes than we were collecting from high taxes.”

Altogether, a strong pro-growth speech.

Politically, the interesting thing is his continued targeting of Hillary Clinton, an apparent strategy to define the race as him versus her, in this case her proposal for a $5,000 bond for each infant. Craig Gordon of The Baltimore Sun covered Giuliani’s evisceration of the proposal very well in The Swamp blog here. And here’s the New York Times blog entry, also pretty good.

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