From AirCongress, Video Statements and Podcasts

By October 26, 2007Media Relations

A new site comes to our attention, thanks to it picking up the NAM vodcast today with Rep. Eshoo, highlighting her support for a permanent moratorium on Internet access taxes.

AirCongress is the online voice of Capitol Hill, the one place where people can go to hear and see the latest news of, by and about Congress. Much of the content here is directly from lawmakers themselves — the video clips they post from floor debate, the podcasts they create on various topics and more.

The site also highlights audio and video content about federal policy from other sources, including the executive branch, trade associations, advocacy groups, government watchdogs, journalists and bloggers. Plus there are plans for original AirCongress content.

The site is run by K. Daniel Glover, who in his day job produces the National Journal’s Technology Daily, and he follows blogging’s impact on politics at Beltway Blogroll.

Looks like a great resource. And thanks for the link.

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