Friday Follies: What If the Beatles Were Irish

By October 19, 2007Friday Follies

Know nothing about this guy, Roy Zimmerman, but happened upon this video at the College Humor website and thought it was funny. Straightforward musical satire, with a fair if broad take on what constitutes cliched Irish singalongs.

And then, after checking out his multifaceted website,, realized his satire can also be quite subtle.

Down toward the bottom of the site, encouragement to sign a petition to have Pete Seeger awarded the 2008 Nobel Peace Prize. That’s very, very amusing, in a united front kind of way.

Good job, Roy!

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  • KC Jacobs says:

    You discovered the funniest satirist in America today. I saw Roy open for Neil Innes (Monty Python, etc.) and his Irish medley blew everyone away, and had me in tears.

    Check out his other songs on YouTube. One, CREATION SCIENCE 101, got a record ten THOUSAND comments, and a lot of video responses, many not happy. It seems that not everyone has a sense of humor!

    Roy’s humor and musicality are intelligent and infectious. Please give him a listen. You can also see his site:


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