Friday Follies: The Big Boom

By October 26, 2007Friday Follies

Just in time for Halloween, a new production out from Mike “Spiff” Booth, the Adobe program manager who uses World of Warcraft software to create videos for the songs of Jonathan Coulton, singer/songwriter/satirist/Internet marketing genius.

The song is “Big Boom,” your basic tale of apocalypse that starts with the destruction of Michigan (Philadelphia didn’t scan) and moves from there. The video — featuring WOW characters from previous Spiffworld videos — is fun but gruesome in a video-game way, so probably not appropriate for the kiddies. (Although the Washington Post tells us that ghastly gruesomeness has overtaken Halloween.)

The song also includes another report from the Zeitgeist: “And the infrastructure’s coming down/And the government went underground/gone for good.” Ah, infrastructure makes another musical appearance.

The embedded video’s a little small, so to see the original “Big World” head over to Spiffworld . And for the encore, a live video performance of “Sweet Caroline” — a great sing-along. Ba, ba, ba!

P.S. It’s just so timely, we offer another gruesome, satirical (about media exploitation) but not quite so funny video, Bad Religion’s “Los Angeles is Burning,” from their 2004 album, The Empire Strikes Back. Watching a report about Suzanne Sommers’ tribulations amid the California fires, the lyrics came to mind: “So many lives are on the breeze/Even the stars are ill at ease.”

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