Friday Follies: Rowdy Hogan Fieger

By October 5, 2007Friday Follies

Suppose this is old hat to cable subscribers, but an acquaintance just brought to our attention the Robot Chicken segments on Adult Swim. After four hours of research, we found this “Hogan’s Heroes” bit to be clean enough to post (badly bleeped cursewords). Colonel Klink meets Hulk Hogan.

And that’s apparently Rowdy Roddy Piper’s real voice. Piper, the pro wrestler, starred in a fun science-fiction movie back in the late ’80s, “They Live.” (See the trailer here.) A hilarious, entertaining b-movie involving aliens who have conquered the world through oppression, bread and circuses, and manipulating the mass media. A dark conspiracy of mind control…

Just happened to think about that movie after reading the latest bizarreness from Geoffrey Fieger. Does he have the truth-revealing sunglasses that no one else has? Nah…

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