Friday Follies: Happy Birthday, Pac Man

By October 12, 2007Friday Follies

What’s the English translation for the Japanese term, “paku, paku?” It’s “wocka, wocka,” of course. And it’s the sound that the ghosts make in Pac Man, which celebrated its 28th birthday this week”

“Now knocking on the big 3-0, the classic munching circle was first released in Japan on October 10, 1979 by electronic games company Namco, way back when his name was pakku-man – paku-paku describing the sound of the mouth movement when “widely opened and then closed in succession”.

The hungry little critter is a worldwide symbol of 80’s pop-culture and is ranked as one of the classic arcade games of all time. In fact it’s credited as the single most popular game of all time by the Killer List of Video Games –”

This week’s Friday Follies is a human recreation of the game, acted out by the smart-alecks at the University of Michigan, the UMPatriots. (Are we allowed to mention the University of Michigan here?)

To watch the video, either click the embedded clip or click here for the larger version.

And a hat tip to James Lileks, who has other Pac Man homages and Charles Boyer, too!

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