Fox News Business Channel Premieres

By October 15, 2007Media Relations

No idea about it at all.

But here’s the Howard Kurtz take from the Washington Post:

NEW YORK — It is the first rehearsal for the Fox Business Network, in a gleaming studio converted from a loading dock area, and two things are clear: These folks are determined to have fun, and they have an elastic definition of business news.

“More trouble for the falling pop star,” anchor Dagen McDowell says, kicking off a segment on Britney Spears losing custody of her kids. She asks co-anchor Cody Willard: “How will it affect her earnings? . . . There’s nothing cynical about protecting your assets. . . . When does the woman’s money run out?”

Rupert Murdoch’s new cable venture, which launches today, is determined to be different. It aims to put a Foxified sheen on even eye-glazing financial matters as it takes on the established CNBC and Bloomberg News.

Bill Carter at The New York Times stuck with its Rubert-Murdoch-is-a-rapacious-schemer storyline:

The team leading the Fox Business Network into battle with CNBC, the entrenched leader in cable business news, has made no secret that it intends to do in the realm of business news exactly what the Fox News Channel did in general news. As in: conquer.

Neil Cavuto and Alexis Glick of the Fox Business Network. Both had previously been on CNBC.
And even before today’s premiere, there are already indications of just how fiercely the battle will be waged. In a pep talk to his troops Friday afternoon, Roger Ailes, the chairman of both networks, said, “I’m not interested in anything short of a revolution.”

But you can’t revolutionize the subject matter, can you? Since it’s business and the markets and economics and politics. So that leaves the packaging…

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  • Phelps Langtry, Sr. says:

    I spend the year in two Zip Codes, 34108 and 60045. Comcast covers both cable areas but both put Fox Biz Channel on channels above #100. Therefore FBC is not available to us. I would love to watch FBC as I live by the Fox News Channel now. Please put pressure on Comcast to put FBC in the 2 to 99 channel range. I miss your Biz crew except on Saturday mornings. I am troubled by some of the garbage they put in 2 to 99 range now.
    Cordially, Phelps.

  • Phelps Langtry, Sr. says:

    What is the channel number for Fox News Business in Chicago?

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