Do Counterfeit Guitars Play Soft Rock?

By October 5, 2007General

The global problem of counterfeit goods and stolen trademarks is hitting the music world.

Last month, a Long Island music dealer was accused of selling $90,000 worth of knockoffs of classic Gibsons, a guitar known for its deep, melodic sound and used by virtually every country, rock and blues artist from Elvis Presley to Eric Clapton.

“Unfortunately, consumers are ending up on the short end of the stick,” said Henry Juszkiewicz, chief executive of Nashville-based Gibson Guitars Corp….[snip]

China — as it has with other consumer goods, such as electronics, designer clothing and cigarettes — has become the source of an influx of mass-produced counterfeit guitars, Juszkiewicz said. Gibson has a factory in China, and Juszkiewicz said that in addition to the legitimate factory, there is another one producing bogus guitars.

The NAM is a founding member of the Coalition against Counterfeiting and Piracy.

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