Cool Stuff Being Made: Task Force Tips

By October 6, 2007Cool Stuff Being Made

October is Fire Prevention Month, so it’s a great time to tell the story of an American manufacturer that produces high-quality, life-saving fire-fighting equipment. The company is Task Force Tips of Valparaiso, Indiana.

Task Force Tips was founded by Clyde McMillan, a firefighter at Standard Oil who was seriously burned in a naptha fire in 1955.

One of the causes was a nozzle that failed to deliver enough water when the time came.

McMillan later sketched out — on a napkin! — a plan for a more sophisticated, adjustable nozzle, creating a family-owned company in 1970 that has expanded and prospered since. (See this company history.) Stewart G. McMillan, once a firefighter himself, today is company president and a member of the NAM Board of Directors.

To watch the 8-minute company profile, please click on the embedded video or go to our NAM YouTube video here.

And stay safe!

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