Blogging in China, A Growth Market

By October 16, 2007Media Relations

Debbie Weil, author of the clear and useful “The Corporate Blogging Book,” is making her first foray into China, marking the book’s release in Mandarin. You can follow her tour, talks and discoveries at her “China Blogging Tour” blog.

Debbie’s trip coincides with the interesting announcement from ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, that it’s going to test Internet domain names in 11 languages other than English. From PCWORLD:

ICANN made the evaluation possible by the insertion into the root of the 11 versions of .test, which means they are alongside other top-level domains such as .net, .com, .info, .uk and .de at the core of the Internet, according to the statement.

Beginning Monday, Internet users around the globe will be able to access wiki pages with the domain name example.test in 11 test languages: Arabic, Persian, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Russian, Hindi, Greek, Korean, Yiddish, Japanese and Tamil. The languages were selected based on the Internet communities that had the most interest in moving the project forward.

Yiddish? But those are Hebrew characters, right?

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  • Debbie Weil says:


    Thanks for the plug. This is an amazing trip! Still trying to sort through my impressions and what I’m learning about the use of social media in China. It’s huge!

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