Blaming California’s Fires on Global Warming

By October 29, 2007Global Warming

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid took some grief last week for this assertion in a news conference:

One reason why we have the fires in California is global warming.

Reid quickly backed off the statement, perhaps recognizing that 1. It would be better for leaders to support the people of California, rather than scoring political points. 2. There have always been fires and Santa Anna winds in the hills of California. 3. Global warming did not cause powerlines to fall and spark, arsonists to set the fires, or human activity to become more widespread in an arid yet forested area.

Unfortunately, Representative Ed Markey seems not to care about those points. This Thursday, his taxpayer-financed bully pulpit, the House Energy Independence and Global Warming Committee will be holding a hearing, “Wildfires and the Climate Crisis.” From his Dear Colleagues letter, dated Oct. 19th, before the latest, worst fires:

Evidence shows that as a result of global warming, forest fires in our western states are burning more frequently and with greater intensity than we have ever seen before. Last year was the worst fire season in recorded history and this season is already second, with eight million acres burned.

This is not evidence, this is testimony from the scriptures of the Church of Global Warming, in which all earthly events lead back to transcendental climate change.

Trouble is, you can’t debate faith. But you can debate the propriety of politicizing every bit of human tragedy in the world.

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