All in All, Not Much Talk on Rangel’s Tax Plan

By October 26, 2007Taxation

At least in the blogosphere. John Fout, who watches the political blogs for, comments: “I would have expected more discussion in the blogosphere about Charles Rangel’s new tax bill, but there’s not much out there.”

We’re trying, John! We are…

It’s especially quiet on the left side of the blogging world. A poster at the anti-Bush site, Firedoglake, discusses Rangel’s plan only in the context of paying for the Iraq intervention:

Still, I was wondering what kinds of tax increases would be needed to pay for George Bush’s war, and yesterday, Charlie Rangel gave me a rough idea. As Chair of House Ways and Means, Rangel has been working on what he calls “the Mother of All Tax Reforms,” an effort to reverse the Bush Administration’s massive wealth transfer from the poor and middle class to the wealthiest Amercans. That wealth transfer increased the number of Americans in poverty while robbing the middle class of most of the increases in national wealth and incomes that, instead, flowed to the rich and super rich.

Otherwise, an 11:45 a.m. search on Technorati of “Rangel and tax” turns up lots of headlines like:

  • Democrats chomping at the bit to implement Socialist agenda in 2009
  • Dems not Happy With Their 11% Approval Rating, Ready to Introduce “Mother of all Tax Hikes
  • Charlie Rangel Proposes Largest individual income tax increase in American history
  • Etc. No similar stirring on the activist left.

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