A Report from the Rock ‘N Roll Frontlines

By October 15, 2007Culture and Entertainment

We’re always looking for manufacturing and policy-related items at cultural events, and yes, it’s a stretch some times ….

Still, you would think with Al Gore’s Nobel Prize being in the news, the ur-punk group Bad Religion would add its anthemic “Kyoto Now!” to its live performances. (For one thing, it has a famous guitar opening.)

But at Washington, D.C.’s 9:30 Club last night, the band skipped most of its songs about demography and environmental catastrophe. No “Punk Rock Song,” no “Ten in 2010,” no “Los Angeles is Burning” and no “Kyoto Now!”

Lead singer Greg Graffin clearly had tort reform issues on his mind though. At one point he walked to the edge of the stage and peered over, commenting, “The only difference from the last time we were here is this sign, saying, ‘Not a Step.’ Aaaah!” (fake fall)

As said, it’s a stretch.

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