What’s the Punitive, Kenneth?

By September 24, 2007Briefly Legal, Media Relations

Lots of mockery and Schadenfreude over the weekend about Dan Rather’s $70 million suit lawsuit against CBS for wrongful dismissal over the bogus story about President Bush’s National Guard records. Matthew Sheffield at Newsbusters says CBS will settle, because it can’t afford to have its skeltons taken out of the closet and hung on the line to dry. Or something like that.

Eugene Robinson’s column in today’s Washington Post contends Rather is trying to make a point about government’s influence over the media. Well, if that’s so, Rather should be sanctioned; the only legitimate reason to file a lawsuit is if he honestly believes he has a case.

Best quip on the suit comes from The Hotline: “One can only imagine if CBS had screwed up Dan Rather’s dry cleaning.”


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