Tort Reform: Returning to the Rogues

By September 17, 2007Briefly Legal

We gave The Examiner’s roster of class-action attorneys Sunday off, but resume today with a much beloved figure in business and sporting circles, Peter Angelos.

Peter Angelos
Angelos has run a Baltimore-based firm focusing on malpractice, products liability and personal injury actions for nearly 40 years, during which time he’s accumulated enough wealth to become principal owner of the Baltimore Orioles. He filed some of the first asbestos suits, winning roughly $100 million in the process. Angelos also represented Maryland in the tobacco cases against Phillip Morris, and subsequently fattened his firm’s bottom line with lucrative suits against Wyeth, maker of the diet drug fen-phen. Next on his list: Lead paint manufacturers and cell phone makers. “He’s thrown his weight around for a long time,” said [Walter] Olson.

It’s a shame the Fates have to balance the scales at the expense of his Baltimore Orioles, who are 64-84 so far this season, 17.5 games out of first place.

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