To Spite Our Face: Rejecting the Mexican Trucks

By September 13, 2007Trade

U.S. Industry Today features a pro-and-con story package on allowing Mexican trucks into the United States, as required by trade agreements negotiated between the two countries and enacted by Congress. Congress has undermined U.S. credibility by voting to deny funding to implement the provisions.

NAM President John Engler was featured prominently in the article,

“Safety is paramount,” Engler said in a statement last week, “and we are pleased that the Department of Transportation has worked out ways to check the trucks crossing the border to assure their safety. The Administration spent a great deal of time to make certain that all trucking companies, vehicles and drivers have been subject to rigorous safety inspections before joining in this project.

“It is important that the safety concerns be real rather than a disguise for protectionism. NAFTA is about increasing the efficiency and competitiveness of the North American market, and it is important that all parties to the agreement faithfully implement their responsibilities.

“This is not a one-way deal,” Engler stresses. “For the first time U.S. trucking companies will be able to operate in Mexico past the border area – and since the vast majority of the nearly $1 billion of goods crossing the U.S., Mexico border every day are carried by truck, this is a really important step.”

Didn’t really hear about that part, the increased opportunities for U.S. trucking, did you?

Another interesting point that tends to be overlooked: By allowing trucks — proven safe through inspections — to engage in cross-border traffic, you speed crossings, reducing all those incredible waits that add to pollution at the border. So all you folks who want to reduce ground-level ozone should be fervent advocates for implementing these agreements.

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  • linda says:

    To my knowledge most American drivers do not want to drive in Mexico, the roads are unsafe, the culture is anti American, the laws are unclear,while manufacturing claims the possible miles to be made by American drivers I think they and senaters who believe this to be an equal exchange need to get on a truck and take a ride into Mexicos real world,maybe they would like to spend the night in some parking area for trucks ,in a country known to be corupt, where the police are known and documented for corupt behavior, this is a safty issue,on both sides of the boarder,

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