The Threat of Cheaper Wasabi

By September 3, 2007Trade

Considering the story about manufacturing above, today seems to mark the “dynamic economy” edition of the WaPo, with a story leading the Business Section, “Ethnic Grocers Losing Their Niche — As Specialty Foods Show Up in Chain Stores, Small Shops Fight to Survive.”

The big ethnic grocers are overwhelming small markets like Naniwa, just as mainstream supermarkets crowded out mom-and-pop groceries in the 1960s and 1970s, said Matthew P. Casey, a supermarket real estate consultant.

The Asian supermarkets are as big as or bigger than many mainstream grocers, and they target ethnic shoppers with wide selections of specialty produce.

Shouldn’t there be a federal program to preserve these vital building blocks of a diverse society? Although the usual nostrums of protectionism might not apply in this case.

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