The NAM’s Doug Goudie: Man on the Move

By September 11, 2007Miscellaneous, Trade

Today’s The Hill carries a good feature story on Doug Goudie, NAM’s director of trade policy, and his peregrinations over the years.

“[For] any good lobbyist, your strength is in how you deal with people, regardless of their party,” he said. “I’ll call any Democrat, I’ll call any Republican, and if they’ll take my call I’m happy to talk to them.”

When Goudie has that conversation, he said, he doesn’t identify himself as a Republican or a Democrat. “I say I represent the NAM on international trade, I am a pro-trade lobbyist, tell me your concerns, tell me where I can help,” he said. “It’s not a soft sell per se, it’s ‘Let’s establish a good connection and talk.’”

Goudie said Engler lives on the bedrock principle that trade is good. He argues that trade shouldn’t be seen as a partisan issue, and he describes his job as working to make support for trade less of an issue than a belief, regardless of party.

In the end, being a good lobbyist is about forging solid relationships with staffers and members, Goudie said. His advice is to tell the truth all the time, since that’s how to establish trust in any relationship. “If they trust you, you’ll be able to talk to them,” he said.

A useful bit of perspective from Doug in a solid report from The Hill’s Ian Swanson.

And come to think of it, looking out our hotel window in Seattle back in ’99, yes, that WAS Doug Goudie getting roughed up by anarchists. Thought he looked familiar.

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