The Gallery of Roguish Trial Attorneys

By September 15, 2007Briefly Legal

On Friday, The Examiner published as part of its series, “Lawyers Gone Wild,” a round-up of the country’s most influential class-action attorneys: “These are the trial lawyers who win the billion-dollar settlements, generate headlines in newspapers across the country and often become political powers unto themselves.”

Seems like America should get to know them better. So, here’s another:

Mark Lanier
Lanier, founder of The Lanier Law Firm with offices in Houston and New York, is a “multi-multi-multi-millionaire,” according to ATRA’s Schwartz. Lanier’s initial verdict against Merck in the Vioxx case was worth $250 million, but that was later reduced. Still, Lanier’s arguments were so influential that class action lawyers filing subsequent cases against the company used Lanier’s tactics and usually won or gained fat settlements. The National Law Journal listed Lanier as one of the nation’s top 10 trial lawyers last year and also numbered him among one of the 100 most influential tort attorneys overall, all despite the fact Lanier is under the age of 40. Lanier currently is a key player in the suits against lead paint manufacturers, and seeks medical monitoring for those who have purchased Mattel toys manufactured in China to determine if any health problems develop.

So he’s suing companies on the basis that something might have happened, maybe? Because if it did, he’ll sue them again. What a deal.

Melvyn Weis

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