The Bronx is Up, and So Are Malpractice Costs

By September 4, 2007Briefly Legal

From the New York Sun:

Medical malpractice cases cost the city $155.2 million in 2006, up 6% from the $145.9 million of the year before, according to a claims report published yesterday by the city comptroller’s office.

The comptroller’s news release and report are available here. And the upshot?

The volume of malpractice cases and the cost of settlements in New York are among the highest in the country. Elected officials and members of the medical community have called for reform, and last month Governor Spitzer announced the formation of a task force to identify possible remedies, including tort reform.

Eliot Spitzer pushing tort reform? Great, if so, but we’re skeptical.

Insurance Superintendent Eric R. Dinallo and Health Commissioner Richard F. Daines announced members of the Medical Malpractice Liability Task Force on August 30th. Here’s the news release.

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