Sarbanes-Oxley, Creating Good Jobs — In London

By September 19, 2007Miscellaneous

Rudy Guiliani has been in London for campaign (high-level meetings with political leaders) and fundraising purposes. Don’t really recall candidates going abroad to raise money, especially since taking contributions for foreigners is against the law. Interesting explanation ….

But it’s not all summitry. A key reason for Giuliani’s visit is to extract money from the wealthy and growing American population that can be found in London. Huge numbers of American businessmen and firms operate in London – the numbers have allegedly been swollen by people escaping the regulatory insensitivity of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Some London politicians have suggested that a statue of Senator Sarbanes and Representative Oxley be erected in the booming Docklands area of Britain’s capital city as a cheeky thank you for the business that (disputedly) has migrated across the Atlantic as a consequence of their lawmaking.

Hat tip: Patrick Ruffini.

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