Progress on the Plains: N.D. Energy

By September 20, 2007Energy

Some governors, enraptured by dreams of environmental utopia and political popularity, are busy making their states less hospitable to jobs creation by pushing policies that increase the price of energy. And then there are others who recognize that economic growth depends on affordable and reliable energy supplies, including fossil fuels developed with a sensitivity to the environment. Florida, California…You might want to learn from North Dakota’s example.

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) – A new energy policy committee will draft proposals on how to encourage the growth of North Dakota’s efforts to produce more oil, coal-fired power and renewable fuels, Gov. John Hoeven said.

Shane Goettle, the director of North Dakota’s Commerce Department, will be chairman of the 14-member committee. It will suggest bills for the 2009 Legislature and provide suggestions to North Dakota’s congressional delegation about helpful changes in federal law, Goettle said.

“North Dakota is one of … the few states where we have the opportunity to put together a multi-resource energy policy,” Goettle said. “You look at Iowa, you’ve got renewable fuels. In other parts of the country, there is some oil and there’s some coal. But in North Dakota … we’ve got both coal and oil, as well as a whole variety of renewable fuels.”

North Dakota is the country’s sixth largest energy producer and exporter, and a state open to opportunity.

The Governor’s news release is here.

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