Paulson at Atlas Material Testing Technology

By September 14, 2007Trade

Congratulations to Atlas Material Testing Technology for its hospitality — and good PR earned therefrom — in hosting Secretary of Treasury Henry Paulson today. Paulson started with a nice plug, recognizing Atlas for its innovation, competitiveness, and contributions to the larger economy. From his prepared text:

Atlas is an innovative company, founded in 1918, that manufactures equipment that simulates weather conditions — sun, rain, heat and humidity — for their clients who manufacture products, providing them the data needed to test their products’ durability.

Atlas continues to pioneer new methods of durability testing, and from its headquarters here in America’s heartland, Atlas sells across the globe. Companies like Atlas, and your employees, form the basis and promise of the American economy.

Atlas has operations in the United States and Germany, and Paulson used today’s setting to highlight the importance of trade and the need to enact the four pending free-trade agreements with Peru, Panama, Colombia and South Korea.

Over the past five years, Atlas has grown its exports by 12% on average each year and this year will export $30 million worth of goods.

About 14,000 Illinois companies, almost 90% of them companies that employ fewer than 500 people, exported goods in 2005. That is clear proof that it’s not just multinational and Fortune 500 companies that benefit from trade — the benefits of free trade spread across the economic landscape, and create jobs in companies of every size.

Real evidence, right there in Chicago.

P.S. Remember there’s a new trade site put up by several Executive Branch agencies,, which is featuring news about Commerce Secretary Gutierrez’s trip to Latin America.

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