New Orleans Did Not Need This Show

By September 17, 2007Media Relations

A new hour-long “gritty” police drama premiered on Fox TV this evening, “K-Ville,” portraying the struggles of New Orleans as it recovers from Katrina. In the first episode the bad guys — and boy, were they bad — were the philanthropist daughter of a wealthy white businessman (living in a big ol’ mansion), motivated by racism and revenge as she made real estate deals, a casino executive, and a group of Gulf War veterans hired as mercenaries by “Black River,” a private security company. (Get the reference? Yeah, subtle.)

Missed the first half hour, so show may have included some other cliches…oh, right, forgot the troubled cop, full of self-doubt …no, TWO troubled cops. And a Creedence Clearwater cover song. Criminy, that was done a hundred times better three decades ago in “Who’ll Stop the Rain.

So even as in real life, as businesses and their employees sacrifice to rebuild New Orleans, we have a TV show portraying them as racist, conspiratorial exploiters. The usual suspects, once again.

A half-star for this cliched crap, and that only because we get to see John Carroll Lynch (Fargo) try out a new accent as a Cajun police captain.

P.S. Fortunately, a more enlightened and accurate view of business, the free market and entrepreneurship will be taking to D.C. screens next week, the American Film Renaissance’s Washington, D.C. festival. More on that this week.

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