More on Minority Bargaining

By September 4, 2007Labor Unions

So if the Senate continues to filibuster the Employee Free Choice Act, what option is left for a labor movement beset by declining membership? Minority bargaining…

In writing our post this morning on “minority bargaining,” we had yet to see the op-ed in The Examiner by Richard Hankins and Bryan O’Keefe, “Labor wants more power for minority unions.” Requiring employers to negotiate with small minorities of employees who form a bargaining unit could lead to nightmare scenarios where companies would have to deal with a multitude of unions. The two provide more history and then reach the same political conclusion as we.

It’s conceivable that supporting minority unions could become a litmus test for Democratic appointees to the NLRB. Finding NLRB candidates to meet this bar will not be difficult, as several prominent labor law professors openly support the proposed change.

Happy days will not truly return to the organized labor movement until their membership numbers increase.

“Members-only, Minority-union collective bargaining” carries the real possibility of helping labor achieve this goal, even if it cannot help elect a filibuster-proof Senate.

As a result, unions will have all eyes on the White House in the coming year.

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