Let’s Invest Where Caprice Rules the Land

By September 4, 2007Briefly Legal

Below we noted how a German news magazine portrayed the U.S. legal system as afflicted by “lawsuit freaks.” Steve Hantler, president of the American Justice Partnership, discussed the U.S. litigation climate and its image in a recent Voice of America article.

I think the lawsuit epidemic is a silent killer of jobs in this country…If you are an employer thinking to put a customer call center or a computer data center in this country, would you want to put one in Michigan where you can be subject to a $10 million lawsuit because of bad perfume? Or would you rather put your customer call center in another country where they don’t have a legal system that’s out of control?

Perfume? What? Oh, right, that 2005 case:

DETROIT — A former top-ranked radio host, who claims she was sickened by a colleague’s use of a perfume described as “romantic, sensual, emotional,” won $10.6 million in a federal court lawsuit Monday.

Erin Weber, who was on the air at WYCD-FM (99.5), contends in her suit that she was fired in 2001 after she complained about being exposed to Tresor perfume, which sells for $45.50 a bottle and is described by Lancome as a combination of ingredients such as rose and lilac.

A judge later reduced the judgment to $814,000. Meanwhile, perfume remains a cause to sue in Michigan, such as this ADA case from last month.

An employee in the Detroit planning department filed a federal lawsuit against the city Tuesday, alleging her co-worker’s strong perfume has made it impossible for her to do her job.

City planner Susan McBride filed her complaint under the Americans with Disabilities Act, saying she is severely sensitive to perfumes and other cosmetics.

McBride alleges the city should accommodate her disability by prohibiting people from wearing perfume in the workplace.

And make sure they bathe properly, too. With perfume-free soaps. And rinse, dammit, rinse!

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