Lawyers Going Wild with Their Campaign Money

By September 21, 2007Briefly Legal

The Examiner continues its “Lawyers Gone Wild” series today with several pieces examining the political power of trial lawyers, who pour millions into the candidates’ campaign accounts. The goal is to ensure the continuation of a legal system that consents to outrageous and unjust jury awards, with vast amounts going to the lawyers, who then send some to the candidates, who help continue legal system that ….

Today’s stories:

  • Lawyers use campaign cash to buy friends in high places
  • .

  • Main target: Congress is chief beneficiary of Liability lawyers’ money
  • Donations from Lawyers Sometimes Spell Trouble.”
  • The American Association for Justice (AAJ) — formerly the more clearly named American Trial Lawyers Association — is the chief wielder of the trial lawyers’ political power.

    Since 2005, AAJ has tripled the size of its communications staffs at the national and state levels, created a Clinton-esque “war room” to coordinate public-relations campaigns and brought in some heavy hitters from the top ranks of Democratic campaign professionals.

    Lehane is a well-traveled campaign expert who has specialized in opposition research. The New York Times said Lehane “is such a shrewd practitioner of what one admiring strategist called ‘the political black arts’ that lately, when a negative story appears, rivals point to him.”

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    Mark Tapscott is editorial page editor of The Examiner, and he’ll be on the “America’s Business with Mike Hambrick” radio program and podcast later today discussing the “Lawyers Gone Wild” series.

    UPDATE (11:30 a.m.) Mark also discusses the series with the NAM’s Mike Hambrick in our “America’s Business” vodcast, available here.

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