Keep Current Ozone Standards for Clean Air

By September 22, 2007General

The Environmental Protection Agency may soon impose a brand new, untested set of standards designed to cut back on ozone emissions, which contribute to smog.

Now, who could be opposed to that? After all, everyone believes in clean air.

Manufacturers sure do. America’s manufacturers work hard to achieve a cleaner environment. It’s good business, and it’s good to be a good corporate citizen.

Year by year, America’s air is getting cleaner, and that’s under the EPA’s existing ozone standards. All of which makes it hard to understand why the EPA wants to ratchet up the standards even higher. It’s not as if these changes that will be required by new EPA regulations happen by magic, or would be free.

We estimate the costs of compliance would be $100 billion. That’s right, $100 billion. That’s a huge hit to the economy….to employers…to employees….and to American jobs.

And the fact is, the EPA itself admits it doesn’t know if the benefits of these new regulations will outweigh the costs.

There’s a good option the EPA can follow: Let’s just keep the current ozone standards, which are already helping to clean up the air.

Let’s keep cleaning the air and keep a strong economy at the same time.

[Editor’s note: The NAM has additional resources on the ozone regulation here. You can submit comments to the EPA by clicking here.]

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