John Howard Speaks to APEC Protestors

By September 7, 2007General

ALeqM5hmOc7JkNhJ3PEP4c7y1Iv7brIeLA.jpgWhy Australia’s Prime Minister John Howard is speaking so temperately to the bastard children of Rousseau is beyond us, but his broad point is certainly valid. From remarks before business leaders.

I’ve said on many occasions over the last week that those who demonstrate at a gathering such as APEC, in the name of relieving world poverty, just pause for a moment and understand the contribution that economic growth makes to the relief of world poverty. Without the driving force of free enterprise, without the driving force of private investment and of competitive capitalism, we cannot hope to effectively halt the challenges of poverty in different parts of the world.

Will the protesters listen, Mr. Howard? Oh, sure. Wonder if another strategy might work: Find out where they hold their meetings, surround them and throw rocks and bottles. See how they like it.

Idle musings, only, of course.

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