In Praise of Elaine Chao at Labor

By September 30, 2007Economy, Health Care, Labor Unions

The American Spectator has just put its September cover feature online, a piece by W. James Antle III on Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao, “Rewarding Labor.” Antle calls the Department of Labor one of Washington’s rare enclaves of common sense:

Overtime regulations that had been unchanged since 1949 were modernized. Union financial disclosure requirements have been better enforced than at any time since Congress enacted them in 1959. Job training programs have been updated and made more flexible for modern workers. All this has been done while spending 3.4 percent less than in 2001. This year, the department submitted its lowest budget request since fiscal year 1996.

This record is noteworthy for two reasons. The first is that spending restraint and managerial prowess have been conspicuously lacking elsewhere in President Bush’s administration. The second is that we’re talking about the Department of Labor, an agency that mostly regulates work conditions and runs job training programs. As Chao puts it, “This department is one of the most important departments in the federal government because we regulate every single workplace in America.”

Antle does not include Labor’s work on education and training, another area where the department has achieved much in streamlining programs and focusing on the right priorities.

Otherwise, the article puts the right emphasis on the right places — such as the Office of Labor Management Standards’ efforts to hold organized labor accountable — and explains how Chao has been able to achieve so much in the department. It’s a good piece.

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  • Jimmie Mathis says:

    Better reporting of the use of union funds has been a long coming.
    However, what is being required by this administration is useless.
    Thus the current administration has reduced the effectiveness of what data is there.

    If a union officer buys lunch for the company negotiator, that reimbursement is reported as income. How can this data be considered accurate.

    All Businesses and Unions should be held to the same standard.
    The CEO of Business and the President of Union should have the same reporting standards.

    Speaking in my profession as an engineer, we know that bad data is worse than no data. Thus these improved reports are garbage and a waste of taxpayers money.

    After all, we fought for equality and now it is less equal.
    President Bush, I am still waiting.

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