Illinois Lt. Governor to Employers: You’re Evil

By September 6, 2007General

From the Chicago NPR story on the local EPA ozone hearing:

EPA Consults Chicagoans on Smog

The Environmental Protection Agency asked Chicagoans what they thought about its proposal to strengthen air quality in the US today. The plan calls to further limit the amount of smog-causing compounds released by cars and factories. Illinois Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn was there and says public comment is vital for change.

QUINN: If EPA disregards that and adopts a standard that powerful corporations want adopted, even if it sacrifices the health of American citizens, that’s not a good day for the people of our country or our state.

Hey, you, you powerful corporations. Yeah, you! You’re all a miserable bunch of SOBs who want our people to suffer and die….Now please invest in our state.

And you wonder why Indiana is winning the company recruitment competition.

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