How Embarrassing: To Get Basic Facts So Wrong

By September 29, 2007Media Relations

A blog at showed up on our search engine yesterday, thanks to this post: “The Best Money Coverage Can Buy“:

On September 26, 2007, the powerful National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) bought two pages in the Wall Street Journal to tout a prosperous, expanding group of member-companies producing products.

It occurred to me as I began the copy, that the NAM rarely bought expensive space like this in the Journal. Then after going through NAM’s introductory message, I realized why they purchased the ad.

Well, thanks for calling us “powerful,” but otherwise, what a maroon. The advertising supplement was four pages, not two, and the NAM did not buy it. It was paid for by the ads.

If you can’t get basic facts right, why should any of the following arguments be respected?

But as for the general claim that the NAM and Wall Street Journal’s editorial pages share similar views, that’s correct more often than not. The Journal’s philosophy of “free markets and free people” is one to be claimed proudly, and fought for.

But apparently freedom matters as much as the facts do to the folks at

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  • Ed Vojcak says:

    It not that they cannot get the basic facts right – they do not what to except the basic facts. They the folk what to have us all be equal with them as “more equal” due to their brilliance and superiority – that is the anti-capitalist way – too much freedom without
    their over sight (as intellectual slave owners) burns them…like the communist before they are doomed to the past.

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