Friday Follies: El Ratón Mickey Es Muy Loco

By September 7, 2007Friday Follies

mm.jpgThat’s a screen-capture, not an embedded YouTube to the left there, but oh yes, oh yes, we’ll provide the link.

The video appears to be a tyro’s effort at creating the animated adventures of El Ingenioso Ratón Mickey. It starts off slow and then enters increasingly bizarre worlds of bizarreness. The wedding scene is a killer.

The link to the YouTube video of the animated Mickey is here.

It comes to us via — read him! — who got it via a Cartoon Brew post, Worst.Mo.Cap.Ever., which has similar pieces featuring a hopped-up Bugs Bunny and a bill-less Donald Duck, commended to him by Jeremy Bernstein from Dreamworks. That’s the way this viral stuff plays out.

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