Friday Follies: Corazón Valiente, Nino Bravo, Beatles

By September 14, 2007Friday Follies

wallace.jpgLast week, we had strange Spanish motion-captures of El Ratón Mickey, Bugs Bunny and Donald Duck. Comical, yet disturbing…and compelling.

This week we return to the works of the YouTube poster Dr. Legua, who heads from Iberia to Hibernia with a Braveheart in 3-D tribute, which really doesn’t make much sense. (A recurring theme.)

We also have Nino Bravo, a Spanish, oh, Engelbert Humperdinck, singing America Libre, and the grand finale, the Beatles in 3-D, doing Let it Be. Looks like Dr. Legua’s early, more primitive work. Either that or Blue Oyster Cult.


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