Film Festival: Indoctrinate U

By September 28, 2007Culture and Entertainment

afrfilmbrandlogo.gifA colleague reports on last night’s American Film Renaissance featured film, “Weirdsville“: “Weirdsville is Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels fused with Mall Rats.” Not so much the way of entrepreneurship, unless you count the Satanists. But a highly entertaining, well-done film…

Tonight’s feature, “Indoctrinate U,” playing at the Kennedy Center, returns to philosophical side of the American Film Renaissance, in this case the promotion of constitutional rights and free speech. The documentary by Evan Coyne Maloney highlights the attack on the marketplace of ideas on the university campus.

The Washington Post’s free distribution paper, Express, includes an excellent interview with Maloney.

The twisty tale Maloney tells is one in which the layers of identity politics and administrative rear-covering are sliced thinner and thinner until they are almost invisible. The filmmaker is shown being forcibly ejected from more than one campus for such transgressions as trying to ask a school administrator a question or requesting a look at a document.

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