Cracking Down on Theft of Intellectual Property

By September 24, 2007Innovation, Trade

Excellent editorial column in the South Bend Tribune this weekend (we don’t read the sports pages there any more). Ed Semmler writes on U.S. efforts to counter theft of intellectual property, sees progress and more to be done.

There have been some significant wins in recent days for those interested in preserving American jobs.

Just over a week ago, Yuan Hongwei was arrested by authorities at London’s Heathrow Airport on two counts of illegal use of trademarks belonging to South Bend-based ABRO Industries.

On Wednesday, U.S. Rep. Joe Donnelly joined other congressmen in introducing legislation aimed at putting the brakes on the theft of intellectual property.

Both actions show that officials have become serious about stopping the theft of intellectual property.

We don’t immediately find the House bill, but the Senate version is S. 522, Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Act.

The story of the Chinese counterfeiter who stole ABRO’s identity is astonishing for its, well, whatever the Chinese word for chutzpah is. The Hunan Magic Power Industrial Company, run by Yuan Hongwei, has been selling counterfeit products under ABRO’s label since 2002, at least. A sting in Louisiana undercovered the crimes, and Yuan Hongwei was seized in England last week. VOA story:

Yuan is accused of violating U.S. trademark laws by producing and selling various chemical products such as adhesives and lubricants under the name of a U.S. company. The American firm, ABRO Industries, says it has lost tens of millions of dollars from the sale of these counterfeit products around the world, because they saw their share of the market taken over by these fake goods.

Tip of the iceberg, unfortunately.

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  • Eunice McNeill says:

    This was an arrest in the name of anti-terrorism.

  • Matt Hood says:

    Dear Sir: I have no pity on those who are trying to protect their intellectual property rights. WaLL street took a perfectlly good drug called Tedral of the market that cost pennies on the dollars that keep me alive to work a full time job in this world. Because of their greed and corrupt desire for de-regulation in the drug market I have become disabled without this asthma drug. I will take 10-15 years off of my life so they may rob america! I support rougue states who refuse to play by the book that is written by the US to enrich themselves at thre expense of us all! My drug bill has increased 500%.

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