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By September 15, 2007Cool Stuff Being Made

We’re going to be a bit expansive in our definition of Cool Stuff Being Made for this week’s episode, including McCarthy Tire Service in the manufacturing world because 1. Retreading truck tires IS manufacturing (the company also reconditions and services rims); and 2. Not a lot of manufactured goods make it to market without traveling on truck tires somewhere along the line.

After a nice introduction from company vice president, Neil Horn, we get a plant tour from Roland Chabot, Eastern technical trainer, for the company. Founded in 1926, McCarthy Tire — now a third-generation firm based in Wilkes-Barre — is one of the top 10 commercial tire service companies in the country. Roland is darn enthusiastic about the magic of bonding, and in reality, it IS a very interesting process. (With many assurances as to quality.)

Interesting, too, is the conservation side of the process. Retreading totals $2 billion annually in savings for trucking companies (tires follow fuel and labor as the biggest costs of truck fleets), and the world’s 16 million retreads save the equivalent of 280 million gallons of fuel. Rubber dust, too, is a byproduct AND a resource (including a good fuel source).

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  • We were pleased to read about our good member, Mccarthy tire Service, and totally agree that what they do in their retreading process is VERY environmentally friendly. Retreaded tires may look round and black, but they are very green, having one of the highest post consumer contents of any recycled product!

    Retreads are also safe. School buses, commercial and military aircraft, fire engines and other emergency vehicles have used retreads for years, along with small package delivery services, including the U.S. Postal Service, Fed Ex, UPS and others.

    Retreading saves motorists millions of dollars every year, while being very good for the environment.

    Any readers who want more information can contact us toll free at 888-473-8732, or by email to: We will send a free Retread Tire Information Packet, along with a CD and a free passenger tire gauge.

    Harvey Brodsky
    Managing Director
    Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau/TRIB
    900 Weldon Grove
    Pacific Grove, CA 93950 USA
    Toll free from anywhere in North America 888-473-8732
    Telephone: 831-372-1917, Fax 831-372-9210

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