Cool Stuff Being Made: Bachman Snack Foods

By September 22, 2007Cool Stuff Being Made

Most folks probably associate Bachman snacks with pretzels, produced at the company’s Reading, Penn., plant — “Pretzelvania®” in Bachman lingo. But in this week’s “Cool Stuff Being Made” we head to Bachman’s Elphrata factory in Lancaster County to see the making of corn chips.

Les Frey, plant manager, walks us through the process, from the cooking of the Illinois-grown corn (yellow and white), conversion into massa dough, cooked and shaped into chips, packaged and shipped. Quality control all the way along; the proper oil content is key.

But let’s not ignore the pretzels, either. The company history reports that J.S. Bachman — of German heritage, of course — started the company in 1884, hand-making and packing pretzels, working with one small oven and a horse-drawn delivery cart. (One of the first commercial pretzel makers in the country, apparently.) Bachman’s rise to a major snackfood company — with some bumps along the way — is a good, representative case of success in the food industry.

Also, the pretzel saved Christmas.

And to our friends at the Pennsylvania Cable Network who supplied the video, we say, Danki!

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