Cool Stuff Being Made: American Holtzkraft

By September 29, 2007Cool Stuff Being Made

AHI.jpgDid you know the same wood used to make baseball bats is also a staple in the manufacture of high-quality outdoor furniture, like umbrellas? The wood is Northern ash, and we learn that fact from Phil Apple, president of American Holtzkraft Inc. of Mt. Pleasantville, Penn., where we see this week’s Cool Stuff Being Made.

Lots of sawing, lathing, laminating and other treatment of wood — teak is also used — and the high-quality clothe for the creation of a furniture-grade finished product that can take years of outdoor wear. Phil takes us through the full production process; the umbrellas even tell a theme, for example the beach and ocean, for resort use.

Phil and Barbara Apple founded the company in 1985. As a business history relates, “Phillip C. Apple hails from a third generation apple farm of which he and his father the late Herbert Apple ran 1000 acres until the summer of 2002. In addition to the orchards Phil and his dad created H.V.Farms, Troyers Mill and Keystone Wood, Inc.” Holtzkraft, by the way, means woodcraft in German.

We bring this video to your attention courtesy the Pennsylvania Cable Network. As always, thanks.

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