Class Action Excesses, Tort Reform Needs

By September 14, 2007Briefly Legal

The Examiner, the six-day-a-week free distribution tabloid with a major online presence, has one of the few investigative editorial pages around, putting skills to work on projects like “Lawyers Gone Wild,” a five-part series that kicks off today with a solid package on class-action lawsuits.

  • “Is there a doctor in the house … who hasn’t been sued?,” about the economic — and human — costs of our civil justice system.
  • High-dollar settlements mark class action cases, highlights the excesses of the trial bar as they exploit America’s system of “jackpot justice.
  • “Little relief: Litigation costs rising as firms face fewer suits.”
  • “Rogues gallery of class action attorneys,” featuring those who cash in and become political powers. And destroyers of the Baltimore Orioles.
  • There’s so much good stuff in here we won’t excerpt and instead just say, give it a read. America’s broken system of civil justice, playing off a get-rich-mentality exploited by pluto-attorneys, makes it much more difficult for companies in the United States to compete against those based in other countries with more rational and consistent legal systems. “Lawyers Gone Wild” starts to get at the problem, piece by piece.

    Congratulations to The Examiner’s Mark Tapscott and Cheryl Chumley for their work.

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