CA Global Warming Suit, a Brown-Out

By September 19, 2007Global Warming

San Diego blogger Chris Reed recalls an interview he conducted with a brilliant, Yale-educated lawyer last year on California’s lawsuit against automotive manufacturers for causing global warming. Attorney General Bill Lockyer had brought the suit against six automakers.

Among the things he told me:

1) “One of the principles of tort law is that damages should not be speculative,” so Lockyer’s lawsuit failed that very simple test.

2) He wondered how Lockyer’s suit could assert “causation” between vehicle emissions and the size of California’s mountain snowpacks.

3) There was an urgent need to do something about global warming, but seeking national and international cooperation on the issue made a lot more sense than a lawsuit.

As we’ve noted here and here, U.S. District Court Judge Martin Jenkins threw out California’s suit this week, saying that the courts were not the venue for resolving issues like global warming, which should be addressed through the political process. More from Reed:

The kicker, of course, is that the Yale-educated lawyer who ridiculed Lockyer’s lawsuit to me was Jerry Brown — who either lied to me back then or changed his mind later when he saw being an anti-global-warming crusader as his ticket back to the governor’s office in 2010. He embraced Lockyer’s lawsuit as his own even though he doubted its wisdom, because he believed it to be a political winner.

And yet Jerry Brown’s whole mystique builds off the idea that he’s not your everyday pol, that he’s somehow more idealistic and thoughtful. Well, those qualities were on display last fall when he was talking to me about Lockyer’s dumb stunt of a lawsuit. But when he got into office, it was headline-hunting time — exactly like any other ambitious pol.

How now, Brown?

Hat tip: Instapundit.

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