Blue Dog Democrats, CAFE and Balance

By September 20, 2007Energy

Blue Dog Democrats, the 47 self-acknowledged conservative Democrats with a penchant for fiscal restraint, have emerged as a key voting block in the U.S. House this year, a “formidable force,” as one member characterizes them. Given the caucus’ appreciation of the importance of the manufacturing economy, the NAM was pleased that the co-chairs of the Blue Dogs, Rep. Alan Boyd of Florida and Rep. Mike Ross of Arkansas, agreed to appear on our weekly radio program and podcast, “America’s Business with Mike Hambrick.”

The talk turned to the various proposals to increase vehicle fuel efficiency, drastic proposals such as those passed by the Senate or supported by Congressman Ed Markey (D-MA) in the House. The Blue Dogs are favoring H.R. 2927, the bipartisan Hill-Terry CAFE bill, which includes attainable efficiency goals. As Ross says:

It’s a common sense proposal at raising CAFE standards, doing a better job at protecting our environment, being good stewards of our environment, while also protecting American jobs…It strikes the appropriate balance between protecting our environment and safeguarding our economy.

We have quotes and soundfiles of the two Blue Dogs up at the Americas Business homepage,, and the entire program will be online Friday. So check back, if you would.

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  • Muskie says:

    I do some work with the Auto Alliance and want to applaud the Blue Dogs for signing on to this legislation. They clearly recognize that it’s the only bill that weighs every facet of this challenge, from increasing fuel economy to protecting American jobs.

    The Blue Dogs are a great start, but I think Congress needs to be kicked into action on this. If you haven’t seen this site already, check out today.

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