A Dozen Red Roses? That Will Be $1 Million

By September 2, 2007Briefly Legal

004%20%283%29.JPGThe inset photo there is from the August 27th “Der Spiegel,” the German news magazine. The headline: A Warrior of the Roses.

Yes, Germany has discovered in all its tortious glory the story of Leroy Greer, the Texas luxury auto salesman who is suing 1-800-Flowers because he used the company to send a dozen red roses to his girlfriend, Monek, but the receipt wound up in the hands of his still-wife, Berniece.

And here’s how the article describes the romantic and legal battles in the context of America’s oddball legal climate:

Leroy Greer soon appeared on the American TV morning shows, yet another one of those “lawsuit freaks” — like the woman who sued the mall because a squirrel attacked her in the parking lot, or the man who demanded $54 million dollars from his drycleaners, because they misplaced his pants. The morning host declared he had been caught in his little escapade and should pay up. “Why don’t you take it like a man?” she asked.

Leroy presses on, demanding $1 million from the florists.

The tone of the story is relatively light-hearted, certainly a small drop in the ocean of Der Spiegel‘s usual anti-Americanism.

Still… “Lawsuit freaks?” That’s how the rest of the world perceives us?

Well, yeah, because in this case there’s a lot of truth to the perception.

(UPDATE) (3:40 p.m.) OK, the reference to Judge Roy Pearson’s lawsuit against his drycleaners, that one we got. But the squirrel lawsuit was new to us. Turns out one Mary Meckler sued a Skokie shopping center in 2006, arguing that employees supposedly aided the attack because they fed the squirrel.

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