You’ll Just Have to Get Sicker

By August 26, 2007Briefly Legal

The Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog reports that the Mississippi firm of Davis & Feder is dropping up to 50 clients in silicosis cases. Many claims of damaged health were fake, so the attorneys had to go back to claimants for a second round of health exams.The law firm’s Mark Davis sent out a letter (copy here) to clients with the following paragraph:

Last year, the federal court entered an order criticizing many doctors who had previously read x-rays in silica cases. For this reason, our firms decided to have your chest x-ray re-read by a qualified pulmonologist that we felt would be accepted by the court. Unfortunately, the pulmonologist who re-read your chest x-rays (Dr. Haber) determined them to be negative for silicosis.

And the kicker: “We are sorry we were unable to obtain a recovery on your behalf.”

Because you’re not sick. A shame.

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