You May Already Be a Wiener

By August 8, 2007General

The 99.9 percent always amusing Howard Mortman asked a trivia question of America’s carnivores earlier this week, “Where is the wienermobile parked today?” (The question was prompted by news that Jerry Ringlien, an Oscar Mayer market executive, had passed away at 77. RIP. He was darn good at his job.)

And Mortman’s answer comes from the NAM’s J.P. Fielder, who also offers his recollections of the meaty mobile. The location? The Henry Ford Museum.

Oh, it was the best job I ever had (no joke).

I actually worked on the outside grounds of the Henry Ford Museum, known as Greenfield Village. You stand inside historic homes (these are the real deal, not replicas) such as Henry Ford’s home, the Wright Cycle Shop, Edison’s Menlo Park, one of Lincoln’s courthouses in IL, ect and provide a bit of historical info for tourists, then answer questions. Bonus money (always necessary for a college kid) was earned during lunch break or on the weekends by dressing up in period clothing and joining the daily parade or baseball games on the village green.

The tourists ask some incredibly insightful (and some really dumb) questions, though the entire job offered some great perspective on American history.

The only downfall is that Ford’s world headquarters are next door. Notably, their “proving grounds” is just across the brick wall. This is where they drive the crap out of the test cars (think, tires squealing and burning rubber) before approving them. When the wind is blowing in, the whole village smells like burning rubber.

This summer, the museum is featuring an exhibition of rock stars’ cars and guitars. Hey, Brett Gurewitz’s ’67 Camaro! Very cool.

UPDATE (Friday, 4:15 p.m.): THE WURST THAT CAN HAPPEN? The Wienermobile sagas continue, reported with relish by Mortman.

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