Victory! And Manufacturers Helped Make It Happen

By August 14, 2007General

Today is the 52nd anniversary of the surrender of Japan in World War II, bringing to an end the most destructive of all the 20th century’s conflicts. In recent years, there has been a spate of books and movies celebrating what Tom Brokaw dubbed “The Greatest Generation” of Americans who survived the Great Depression and went on to win that terrible war.

But while we tend to think of their contributions mainly in terms of battlefield victories, it is fair to say the war was actually won on the home front where the American economy achieved prodigies in production of war material. By the time the war came to an end on this date, U.S. manufacturing had churned out 296,429 airplanes, 102,351 tanks and self-propelled guns, 372,431 artillery pieces, 47 million tons of artillery ammunition, 87,620 warships, and 44 billion rounds of small arms ammunition.* Even the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, no great admirer of capitalism, recognized the importance of this feat at the Teheran Conference in late 1943, where he proposed a toast “to American production, without which the war would have been lost.”

* Cited in “A Military Miscellany,” by Thomas Ayres.

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  • Edwin Stern says:

    China has much bigger sins to take responsibility for.
    The environment there is now being polluted on such a wide scale that immediate regulation and enforcement would probably do nothing to prevent the seepage of their toxins to the entire globe.
    The workers who toil for meaningless wages are lucky to be paid anything if at all. They are frequently shorted on their pay and if they complain they find themselves beaten up or worse.
    How can any Govt. trust a country on a continent that was run by warlords for over 1000 years?
    Anyone can click on a link to the unclassified portion of the Cox report which details China’s theft of US thermonuclear technology over the last 50 years, or click on links showing photos of the aircraft carrier the Chinese are currently refurbishing to fly combat aircraft from.
    What failed to make television headlines here was the day after Bush labeled Iran’s army a terrorist group, the Chinese and Soviets flew a joint military exercise as a “pointed message to the United States”
    How our companies and citizens can continue to justify purchasing goods from a country who’s agenda is to infiltrate and topple our industrial base insults even the most simple man’s common sense.

  • Richard Hertz says:

    The recent uncovering of the Chinese lead paint, the defective tires, the poisoned pet foods, and the toothpastes tainted with anti-freeze, are only the slightest tip of the iceberg of the damage China is causing inside the United States.
    The Chinese invasion over the last decade is now a national security threat to the US.
    China has deeply penetrated the US manufacturing base with its cheaply manufactured goods.
    The US military, once the strongest in the world, backed by our machine shops, our fabrication shops, and our broad industrial base is eroding at a rapid rate while the Chinese strengthen theirs at US expense.
    Finally there is some good news to report on this front.
    A few years ago in Wisconsin, one of the country’s brightest industrial minds, Allen Schlicke, put together a group of companies, each with specific core competencies in areas such as large boring bar work, production CNC machining, stampings, tool making, and screw machine work to name a few, to turn things around.
    These companies offered better than the norm pricing in their areas of specialization and were brought to market in Wisconsin and Illinois.
    Since that time hundreds of companies have purchased from this group and have had their costs reduced on domestically purchased commodities.
    This is the first and greatest positive response to the communist attack on our manufacturing base.
    With a heightened sense of awareness throughout the US manufacturing sector, more companies will discover less expensive domestic suppliers for their own purchased goods and become less dependent on the growing Chinese military-industrial base, which has now become a very real and serious threat to the United States economy.

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